Leadership Research

The Centre bases its work on a model of student-centred leadership developed by Viviane Robinson and colleagues as a result of their work on the “Best evidence Synthesis- School Leadership and Student Outcomes: Identifying What Works and Why” (Robinson, Hohepa, & Lloyd, 2009) which examines the links between leadership and student outcomes. The model below represents five dimensions of effective leadership, identified from this research, and shows how they are underpinned by three leadership capabilities. 

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Bespoke PLD Design

For those of you working in schools in centrally-funded PLD, please ensure that school leaders are aware that centrally funded PLD applications for 2018 are due to the Ministry of Education regional offices on the following dates:

  • 27 October in Tai Tokerau
  • 25 October in Auckland
  • 24 October in Waikato
  • 26 October in BOP-Waiariki
  • 30 October in Hawke’s Bay-Taiāwhiti
  • 13 November in Taranaki-Whanganui-Manawatu
  • 27 October in Wellington
  • The Ministry of Education's new centrally funded PLD model highlights the importance of high levels of leadership expertise

    In supporting leadership development, UACEL’s Bespoke Leadership PLD design team places an emphasis on ensuring that professional learning opportunities reflect the needs and priorities of individual schools and CoLs.  

    Our bespoke, approach can readily accommodate your team’s needs making use of MoED PLD funding. 

    For more information (including client references or information on how to get underway with your own bespoke leadership PLD plan) please contact the head of our Bespoke PLD Solution Team or call Colin Donald on 09 623 8879 or Richard Newton on 09 623 2929.