Mindful Leadership

“Mindfulness” is a term increasingly heard and a practice increasingly advocated, but what is it and what is its relevance for leaders? Mindfulness has its roots in contemplative practices from thousands of years ago and has surfaced into mainstream attention under two influences – the increasing demands of 21st Century living and rapidly evolving brain scanning technology which scientifically supports the mental wellbeing and mental performance claims regarding mindfulness.

Mindfulness is simple and yet not easy. A set of formal and informal practices provide a pathway for a user to become more aware of their internal mental landscape and assist a user to reduce habitual tendencies to overreact to the world around them. Within leadership roles, mindful habits will translate into leadership practices which improve the power of listening/observing, and diminish emotively driven decision making which cause later regret.

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UACEL can offer school leaders options in half-day or one-day training in leadership focused mindfulness practices. The workshop material is strongly linked to research and to the feedback of school leaders.

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