Who we are and what we do

Over the past few years the team at the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL) has demonstrated an increasingly agile and responsive approach to the provision of high quality leadership development programmes.  Simple examples of this can be seen in the diverse work currently being undertaken in support of quality school leadership, both at home and internationally.

Nationally, CEL is involved in a number of major projects. These include:

- the delivery of high quality, student-centred leadership workshops to a ever expanding range of principals and senior school leaders. These workshops include programmes such as Growing Great Leaders™ (GGL™) and Open-to-learning™ Leadership (OTL™) as well as a number of bespoke design options for both schools and Communities of Learning (CoL) or Kāhui Ako as they are commonly called.

Internationally, CEL continues to work effectively with both long-term, as well as more recent partners to achieve key results for valued clients. Significant projects include:

- ongoing work in Scandinavia where CEL continues to deliver OTL™ in both Sweden and Denmark in partnership with BI - the second largest business school in Europe.

- key projects for the Victoria Department of Education (Evolve New Principals Programme and OTL™ )

- a number of GGL™ based projects in New South Wales and Queensland

- active involvement in a international, university-based, project (Khebrat ) designed to transform the Saudi Arabia’s education system as part of the kingdom’s ‘Vision 2030’ project.

CEL remains committed to maintaining a high level of relevance and responsiveness, and to building on its many successes in the future.