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“ Exhilarating! To engage with the latest educational research and develop a culture of continuous innovation that can deliver radically better learning is not to be missed. ”

- Bradley Clark | Principal, Samford State School, Queensland, Australia

Creating Educationally Powerful Connections

University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership team members frequently travel in order to fulfill contractual obligations.  We prefer longer-term contracts to one-off events so we can be true to our mission – 'to impact the excellence and equity of student outcomes through the provision of educational leadership development.'  

Changes to the quality of leadership can be made quickly, we believe, but following through to get the impact on student outcomes takes longer. We relish working on contracts that allow us to support leaders over time to make changes in their leadership actions and then to see the impact on students. School improvement processes are easy to talk about, but most school leaders find following through on them effectively, more difficult. We enjoy working with educationalists that want to commit to really making a difference – not just talk about making a difference.