CEL Territories

Creating Educationally Powerful Connections

“ Exhilarating! To engage with the latest educational research and develop a culture of continuous innovation that can deliver radically better learning is not to be missed. ”

Bradley Clark | Principal, Samford State School, Queensland, Australia

Improvement in education outcomes takes time. Such improvement often begins by influencing the beliefs, values and assumptions of leaders, at both a system and school level, so that those leaders can, in turn, influence their teaching teams, with a subsequent impact on student outcomes.

Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL) consultants travel widely in response to client requests and to fulfill our diverse contract undertakings. Currently , CEL provides consultancy services to educational organisations in Sweden, Norway and Australia (Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland).

Future Learning Solutions-CEL’s team of specialist facilitators are ready and able to design a bespoke solution for any leadership concern or challenge - from school to system level.

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