International Partnerships

The University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership is looking for international partner organisations to extend the delivery of our high quality training for school and system leaders in leadership through a 'train-the-trainer' model. A train-the-trainer model builds the capacity of in-country expertise to deliver the University of Auckland Centre for Educational Leadership programmes. We are interested in developing partnerships to deliver:

  • Open-to-learning™ Leadership
  • Growing Great (Student-centred) Leaders™

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson together with Jacqui Patuawa lead the team in the development of the Open-to-learning™ Leadership programme. The acclaimed work of Open-to-learning™ Leadership and the theory on which it is based has a 30 year history of empirical and theoretical research on the effectiveness of theories of action that people bring to the discussion of perceived interpersonal and performance problems. This evidence means that the professional learning rests on sound evidence about how people reason in such situations, how that reasoning can impede progress, and how more effective patterns of thought and action can be learned.  The Open-to-learning™ Leadership approach to leadership development teaches participants how to build trust in teams and with individuals, while tackling the tough issues associated with the work of school and teacher performance and improvement.

Linda Bendikson leads the team in the development of the Growing Great Leaders™  programme. Growing Great Leaders™concentrates on building fundamental theoretical knowledge, and, using a spiral curriculum approach, keeps revisiting key concepts and their practical implications for improving student outcomes.  In level 1 the basics are taught through high quality, research-based content that empowers leaders with the research related to effective leadership. Level 2 increasingly builds on that knowledge and integrates it with explicit skills in gaining improvement outcomes for students using data. 

Value to your organisation

  • Develop a group of accredited trainers of high quality leadership development programmes.
  • Increase your leadership capacity as an educational organisation. 
  • Through your accredited trainers, deliver highly sought after research-based programmes.
  • Receive ongoing professional development from University of Auckland’s Centre for Educational Leadership ensuring that your organisation and trainers are supported beyond the accreditation process.
  • Join an international community of leaders, researchers and accredited trainers.